Suicide Help


Among the most important things to do is ask the person “Are you considering suicide?” By asking this question, you are letting the individual know 3 things:

  • You understand what suicide is.
  • You aren’t scared to talk about it since you approached the issue first.
  • You are someone that cares and you wish to help.

Communication wills open and permit the man. Understand, many who are suicidal are looking for somebody to listen, and care. When the person talks to you about this, take it seriously, do not judge them, and permit them to only tell you about the negative things in life without offering advice.

If someone you know answers “yes” to the question above, there are some other things you can do to help:

  • Tell a trusted adult such as grandparents, parents, teachers, coaches, and/or counsellors
  • Call a crisis line such as the Calgary Distress Centre -LRB-403-RRB-266-1605
  • Call 911 if you know the person is in immediate danger