Stress is a reaction to life’s needs. We call our stress reaction the “fight, flight, or freeze” response. Our stress response is triggered when a threat is perceived by us. Hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, are released to generate stress’ reactions. By way of instance, when you perceive an exam hard, you perceive that examination as a threat. When you are feeling threatened so as to protect itself, your body reacts. You might choose to steer clear of the examination (flight), or maybe you start writing the examination and remember everything (freeze), or get really frustrated when writing the examination (fight). All three of these reactions are normal responses.

Stress can be positive. Positive stress can help inspire us. By way of instance, just before a match you will warm up talk the group, or proclaim a cheer. These rituals activate our anxiety response stimulate blood circulation in order for us to do at our very best and to release adrenaline.

It’s important for everyone to understand how to manage tension that is negative and utilize pressure.

Getting HELP?

Stress management starts with you. However are harder than we expected. It’s fine to ask for assistance. There are some resources in Calgary which can assist you through any. Do not forget you can try and/or physicians, your friends, teachers, parents, coaches, relatives, community elders advisers.