What Is Stigma?

The word stigma has existed for centuries. Stigma is mark or a sign of unacceptability. Look down on folks start to tag, or criticize a person. Many times, there emerges a stigma due to information or stereotypes. These stereotypes come from too little knowledge, generations of misunderstanding, and the media. The problem with stigma is it creates a barrier between us.

Individuals who have a mental disorder can face blot. Fears of being judged or viewed as weak often prevent those who have a mental disorder from getting help. Once diagnosed with a mental disorder, people may feel embarrassed or ashamed of the disorder. It’s important to not forget that a mental disorder is no one’s fault and may be treated. There are genetic, biological, and environmental factors which call for mental disorders.


  • ┬áThe lengthy history of the stigma of mental health plays a role in how society views and treats people with mental disorders.
  • Can make people reluctant to seek help for mental health problems because they may fear being blamed, talked down to, or seen as weak
  • Feelings of alienation, rejection, and isolation can result when a man has been diagnosed with a mental disorder.