Effects Of Stress

The effects of anxiety are brought on by the release of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. The short term effects of anxiety provide a boost of energy that enhances our performance to us. Remember stress that is positive? The long term effects, can affect our everyday functioning and however, begin to interfere with our performance.




Racing Heart
• Poor Decision Making
• Shallow Breathing
• Lower Immunity
• Sweating
• Physical Illness
• Senses Become Sharper
• Susceptibility to Mental Illness
• Increased Immunity
• Personality Change
• Digestion Slows

Stress management starts with you. However are harder than we expected. It’s fine to ask for assistance. There are some resources in Calgary which can assist you through any. Do not forget you can try or physicians, your friends, teachers, parents, coaches, relatives, community elders counselors.