Coping With Stress

Stress management starts by recognizing that you’re stressed. It’s up to you to handle your stress. There are many circumstances, such as the amount of homework assigned, parents fighting, friends creating play, or the bus being late that we cannot control (external stressors). But, we have control over perception or our response of the circumstance. We keep our emotions in-check can devise a solution quicker, and help stop the long term effects of anxiety by changing our attitude.

Listening to music

When we’re mad, sad, or joyful we usually hear music that reflects our disposition. When you visit a spa what songs do they play? The spa will play relaxing music with nature sounds or instrumentals. You won’t ever hear heavy metal music. If you would like to change your mood, listen to music that’s currently going to match. This will be different for everybody. Some people will love listening to calm them down.


If you’re ever in a situation where you feel angry or grumpy placing a grin on your face can allow you to change your mood. Smiling is connected to the brain’s elements which deal with emotions. Try thinking of your favorite YouTube clip if you do not want to smile all day! Laughter has the identical effect as grinning; instantly you will feel much better!

Positive Thinking

Occasionally when we are frustrated we concentrate on the negative things which are making us angry. Phrases like “just my luck” or “why does this always happen to me” begin to become permanent statements or nearly truths in our own lives. However, by finding the positive in the 16, we can begin to change our outlook. By altering our perspective expect things that are better in our own lives and we begin to feel better. Positive thinking can help inspire us to finish a job or provide us the assurance to carry out a challenging endeavor.

Physical Activity

Any sort of physical activity can allow you to release the stress built up on your system. Yoga, dance, jogging, cycling, walking, or sports (lacrosse, hockey, football, basketball, kickboxing) are only some examples.

Distracting Yourself

Distracting yourself shouldn’t be confused with procrastination–leaving matters to the last minute. Distracting yourself to break free from this situation is a way. This might be accomplished by playing video games, playing with your pet, going on facebook, texting your friend, watching t.v., or playing guitar. Whatever it is you like to do in your free time. Allow yourself some time to enjoy those items you love to do!